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The T-Post Stepper is a safer alternative to crossing standard-sized t-post fencing.  Be respectful and make certain you have the owner’s permission to cross their standard-sized t-post fence.  Please make certain when you use T-Post Stepper to not damage the standard-sized t-post fencing and to promptly report any damage to the landowner.  Climbing fences is dangerous and extreme caution must be utilized. Never use a T-Post Stepper to cross a standard-sized t-post fence carrying anything, especially a firearm or tool.  Always use both hands on the t-post when crossing the standard-sized t-post fencing.  Lighten your load before using the T-Post Stepper to cross standard-sized t-post fencing by removing any backpacks or bags that could weigh you down and compromise your balance and agility.  When used properly, T-Post Stepper can safely help you cross standard-sized t-post fencing.  You may encounter non-standardized t-posts in which the T-Post Stepper will not install properly.   Always make certain the slot on the bottom of the T-Post Stepper fits fully and securely down over the stud on the standard-sized t-post.  If the slot does not fit (i.e. slide down fully onto the stud), do not attempt to use the T-Post Stepper on that particular post.  Make sure the T-Post Stepper is attached properly to the standard-sized t-post and in accordance with our safe usage guide.  Never use the T-Post Stepper on damaged or unsteady standard-sized t-posts.  The T-Post Stepper is made to be removed after each use and returned to its protective pouch.  Do not leave the T-Post Stepper on a standard-sized t-post as a permanent step.  It was designed to be portable, not permanent and damage can occur to the T-Post Stepper if utilized inappropriately.  Do not use for any other purpose other than as designed.  Always check your T-Post Stepper before every use to be certain it is not damaged or otherwise compromised.  The T-Post Stepper is made of lightweight aluminum and, like all metals, is subject to the effects of the elements.  It is recommended you stop using and replace your T-Post Stepper upon signs of excessive wear or compromise to its structural integrity. By using this product the user acknowledges they have read and fully understand this disclaimer and accept its terms and conditions.


Disclaimer of Liability:

T-Post Stepper, LLC and its successors, distributors, dealers and retailers (Seller) shall not be responsible for any direct, indirect, or consequential damage resulting from improper use of this product.  The user must make certain the T-Post Stepper is installed properly upon each use.  It is the user’s responsibility to make certain the T-Post Stepper is removed after each use and returned to its protective sheath to avoid damage to it.  The user is responsible for any damage occasioned by the use or misuse of the T-Post Stepper.  The Seller expressly disclaims any liability for personal injury or damages.  The User acknowledges and agrees that the disclaimer of any liability for personal injury is a material term for this agreement and the user agrees to indemnify the Seller and to hold the Seller harmless from any claim related to the T-Post Stepper purchased. 

If you do not agree to these terms, do not use this product and immediately return it to T-Post Stepper, LLC along with your proof of purchase for a full refund.